1. Entries must be printed primarily on Antalis’ range of creative papers.
  2. Entries must be commercial work produced between January 2014 and 30 December 2016.
  3. Work designed for or commissioned by Antalis is not eligible.
  4. There is no limit to the number of entries one can submit.
  5. Submitted entries will not be returned.
  6. Submissions can be made by designers, design firms, advertising agencies, brand owners with in-house designers and printers.
  7. Entrant shall be liable for obtaining any necessary permission from respective end clients on entry submission.
  8. Each entry submission should have 2 pieces of the actual printed work with a completed entry form.
  9. For entries consisting of several components, the printed pieces must be placed together in an envelope. An entry form must be attached to each component and each piece marked “1 of 3″‚”2 of 3” and so on.
  10. For the Print group, entries submitted for Category A, B, C and D must be produced using the offset printing process. For Category E, any type of collateral printed on any digital color production press including HP Indigo are eligible.
  11. The judges decision is final and Antalis reserves the rights to amend the number of winning entries according to the merits of the judging results.
  12. All submitted entries and information provided may be used by the organisers for promotion, advertising, publication and exhibition.
  13. The staff of organisers, public relations agency, design house, sponsoring parties, advisors and offices of the judging panel associated with this contest are not eligible to enter this award.
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